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Project Description

Pepper is a Visual Studio 2010 add-in which allows you to easily export your VS settings to the cloud (powered by Azure) and then downloaded & imported elsewhere.

This can be used to backup settings or to share settings across various machines!

Support Pepper by clicking on the adverts on this CodePlex site - we use this revenue to assist in the hosting costs!

Pepper is developed by Robert MacLean

Pepper is also available in the Visual Studio Gallery and within Visual Studio. It is recommended you grab it inside Visual Studio, so that you will be kept up to date with new releases!

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Roadmap of ideas

The roadmap of ideas is just a set of things we would like to deliver, these are not promised for any specific release or ever.
  • Website so you can download settings in your browser.
  • Ability to flag a setting as public - this removes the password requirement for the retrieval of the setting. Makes a nice way to share them.
  • Ability to sync extensions as well as settings.
  • Ability to sync TFS artifacts
  • Better proxy support


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