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  1. How is this paid for?
    1. Robert MacLean has a small Azure account he is using for this. Hopefully this becomes successful enough he can convince someone hint hint** to cover this useful community tool in the future.
  2. Is my password safe?
    1. Your password never leaves your machine, so we have no idea what you used. We send a hash of your password and use that instead. If you want to clear your password as stored on your machine, see Forget username/password.
  3. Are my settings safe?
    1. Your settings are encrypted on your machine, so we never see your actual settings. This also means if you forget your username or password - your settings are lost!
  4. Do I need to signup with Pepper, Azure or pay anything?
    1. Not at all. The username/password we ask for is to protect your settings. We do not sign up to anything with those. There is no cost for Pepper (and our goal is to keep it that way) and you do not need an Azure account.
  5. What is backed up by Pepper?
    1. When you upload, Pepper takes ALL your Visual Studio settings and uploads the to Pepper.
  6. What happens when you download your settings?
    1. You will get an option to Import Now or Save To Disk.
    2. If you choose import now it will replace ALL Visual Studio settings from the version downloaded.
    3. If you choose to save to disk, the settings file will be saved to your Windows Desktop. You can then import it using the normal settings import feature in Visual Studio (this will also let you cherry pick what settings to import).
  7. How are you getting the settings?
    1. Pepper uses the exact same API as Visual Studio uses internally to export settings, nothing else (no sneaky, reading the registry or anything). So the settings you export are compatible with Visual Studio import.

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